SNT funds are intended to pay for a Beneficiary’s supplemental needs, those goods and services not typically covered by means-tested government benefit programs.  SNT funds may also be used to pay for additional items or services as outlined in a Beneficiary’s Special Needs Trust Plan (Part A and Part B) written by each trust’s Grantor(s).

As Trust Manager, we ensure that each Beneficiary’s trust funds are spent in a manner that is consistent with government benefits eligibility and with the overall intent of a SNT — to benefit the individual with a disability. We strongly urge all Grantors to create a Budget Plan.

A Special Needs Trust IS:

  • A way to pay for a trust Beneficiary’s ongoing supplemental needs without jeopardizing government benefits.
  • A means of paying for special purchases which might not otherwise be affordable.
  • A source of funds from which all disbursements are carefully reviewed to ensure alignment with a Beneficiary’s Trust Plan and to prevent Beneficiary exploitation or waste.

A Special Needs Trust is NOT:

  • A bank.
  • An ATM.
  • A debit or credit card.
  • A money store.

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