Credit Cards

Making Purchases Using Credit Cards

Today, many routine purchases require a credit card. Large-ticket items, online purchases and almost all travel arrangements (tickets, hotel reservations, etc.) require a credit card. Unfortunately, many SNT Beneficiaries do not have a credit card.

To assist trust clients with these types of purchases, the Foundation of The Arc of Northern Virginia maintains a credit card for Trust Department purposes. Primary Representatives (PR) planning a large or credit card-only purchase may complete a Disbursement Request Form requesting a trust disbursement check made out to the Foundation of The Arc of Northern Virginia. When the Disbursement Request (DR) is processed and the Trust Department receives the trust account check from the Trustee, the Trust Department can complete the purchase for the trust client using the Foundation’s credit card.

The table below describes this process in greater detail.

# Step Description
1 Plan purchase. PR researches total price and obtains supporting documentation (statement; online purchase “check-out” tally; price quotes, including taxes).
2 Complete DR form. PR completes a DR noting the Foundation of The Arc of Northern Virginia as payee & the payee address as: 2755 Hartland Rd. Suite 200 Falls Church, VA 22043.
3 Submit DR form. PR mails/faxes/emails DR form AND supporting documentation to The Arc’s Trust Dept. PR should provide any additional explanation, deadline and/or purchasing guidance required in writing with the DR.
4 Arc Processes DR. The Arc of Northern Virginia receives, reviews, and approves or disapproves the DR.  If approved, the DR form and supporting documentation is sent to the Trustee.
5 Trustee Process Check. Trustee reviews the DR and supporting documentation, cuts a check to the Foundation, and mails it to The Arc.
6 Arc Receives Check. The check from the trust made out to the Foundation arrives at The Arc and is deposited.
7 Arc Completes Credit Card Purchase. Trust Dept. staff contact the Primary Representative and complete the credit card purchase.  Note: Some purchases require close coordination between the Trust Dept. and a Primary Representative.
8 Arc Completes Documentation. If needed, Trust Dept. sends Primary Representative the invoice or other documentation related to the purchase.