Disbursement Request Process

Each disbursement request consists of two main parts:

  1. Disbursement Request Form

To access the money in your SNT, a Primary Representative must submit a Disbursement Request (DR) Form to our trust team. Money cannot be disbursed from your trust without a complete and approved DR form. Each DR form must have the requested piece of information typed or legibly printed. For questions, please see a Sample Disbursement Request Form. For recurring payments, a Recurring Disbursement Request Form can be completed initially to set up the recurring payment.

  1. Supporting Documentation

    disbursement forma nd supporting documentation sample image
    Supporting documentation must accompany the signed Disbursement Form.

Every DR and Recurring DR form must be accompanied by supporting documentation so we can verify that the disbursement is for legitimate expenditures, for the sole benefit of the Beneficiary, and consistent with government benefits eligibility requirements and guidelines. Examples of acceptable supporting documentation:

  • A bill or invoice with the Beneficiary’s name for bills paid directly from a trust.
  • A statement or written estimate from the payee for bills to be paid by the trust in advance of services rendered.
  • Receipts for purchases made for the Beneficiary by other parties or in some circumstances, by the Beneficiary him/herself.

Receipts must be arranged in chronological order and neatly taped on 8.5” x 11” (letter-sized) paper.  Faded, torn or otherwise unreadable receipts will be returned with the disapproved Disbursement Request Form and a letter of explanation. The Trust Department will not return or photocopy receipts for trust clients. Supporting documents should be photocopied by Primary Representatives before they are submitted with Disbursement Requests if copies are needed

On occasion, the Trust Department may identify one or two small issues with a Disbursement Request.  The participant number might be missing a digit or the line item tally of the attached receipts may not exactly match the Disbursement Request form’s requested amount.  In these situations, the Disbursement Request may be placed in a pending status (rather than disapproved and returned), then, once corrected, re- submitted for review and approval. The Foundation’s Trust Department retains the right to determine when to return a Disbursement Request and when to hold it in a pending status until complete information is provided.

The Arc of Northern Virginia diagram for disbursement process.