We are happy to announce that we will be offering trust clients a new purchasing tool: The TrueLink Credit Card

Designed specifically for SNT clients who receive government benefits, the True Link Credit Card can be used for purchases at many establishments.  Each client’s TrueLink Credit Card will be loaded through the disbursement request process.  An agreement provided by the Account Manager to the Primary Representative must be signed prior to processing the first TrueLink Credit Card disbursement request. The trust client will then be able to use the card like a credit card. Receipts for TrueLink Credit Card purchases must be submitted by the end of the second month before a card is reloaded. A monthly fee of $7.00 is charged by TrueLink for the credit card service. 

Each trust client who requests a TrueLink Credit Card will sign an agreement indicating his/her card will not be used to purchase items for individuals other than the Beneficiary, and the card will not be used by any individual other than the Beneficiary or his/her Primary Representative(s) for the benefit of the Beneficiary.  All government benefits requirements applicable to routine trust disbursements will also apply to purchases made with the TrueLink Credit Card.

As a result, TrueLink Credit Card holders will be required to submit receipts for every purchase and additional funds will NOT be added to the card until all receipts are received and reviewed.

You can review and complete the TrueLink Credit Card Agreement. Please return the Agreement to the Trust Associate.