Travel and Vacations

Sunset at the beach a great vacation spot
Sunset at the North Carolina shore. A great vacation spot.

The funds in a SNT may be used to pay for a Beneficiary’s vacation expenses. Purchases and needs for vacations are processed the same way as regular disbursement requests. Primary Representatives must submit all receipts for items purchased during the vacation or provide detailed documentation on anticipated expenses, such as hotel bills, receipts for food and drinks, and gas receipts for the car.

Although all disbursement requests must be submitted to show the expenses that are accrued on behalf of the Beneficiary, some SNT Beneficiaries may require a companion to travel. If a SNT Beneficiary requires a companion to accompany him or her during the vacation, it is required that the Grantor/Primary Representative provide a written verification or evaluation from a licensed health care professional indicating that the Beneficiary needs a companion in order to travel.

If the Trust Department is using our credit card to make travel arrangements for the Beneficiary, documentation must be provided prior to travel.

If the Grantor/Primary Representative is being reimbursed for travel expenses, documentation must be provided prior to reimbursement.