Videos and Media

The Arc of Northern Virginia regularly presents in the community on many disability issues like Special Needs Trust, Legal Authority, Medicaid Waivers, Future Planning, and other topics. Below are just a sample of the videos.

For more videos please visit the YouTube page of “VideosatTheArcofNoVA
See a compiled playlist of our First Fridays Futures Planning Series


Managing Real Estate in a Special Needs Trust In this First Fridays Futures Planning Session, learn how property and real estate can be handled and leveraged in Special Needs Trusts to increase housing opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


In this presentation, learn about CCC+, DDW changes, EPSDT, federal policy (a lot of acronyms, right?). What options are available from Medicaid, to Medicare, to private health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, to GAP Insurance in Virginia to resources for individuals otherwise ineligible for these programs.



In this presentation, learn from mental health and brain injury professionals about how an individual with dual diagnoses can receive the services they need to thrive in the community.


In this presentation, learn about the role of the Beneficiary Advocate within the Special Needs Trust Program in helping Trust beneficiaries secure housing, employment, and other services. Presenters: Megan Rusciano, Beneficiary Advocate, The Arc of Northern Virginia




Tia Marsili, Director of Trusts, Gives a comparison of Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts




In this session we will discuss the integration of VA benefits with Survivor benefits and Special Needs Trusts.





At this panel presentation, learn more about strategies available in our community here in Northern Virginia to train law enforcement with how to interact with people with disabilities and what you can do to prevent your loved from becoming entangled in the criminal justice system.




Alternatives to Guardianship and Supported Decision Making: Alternatives to guardianship can help preserve an individual with disabilities’ dignity and promote their self-determination. In this presentation, learn about what alternatives to guardianship exist including, supported decision making, advance health care directives and powers of attorney and when, ultimately, guardianship may be appropriate.


Finances within a Special Needs Trust: Disbursements, Budgets, and Actuaries: Special Needs Trusts are an important tool to help people with disabilities save money without jeopardizing public benefits and develop financial literacy. In this presentation, learn more about the Trust’s disbursement process and how to budget money within the Trust using actuarials.



It is important to ensure that your child is financially secure when you can no longer provide help. In this presentation, learn about the roles of Special Needs Trusts and ABLE Accounts in safeguarding government benefits and ensuring your child’s personal needs and aspirations are met now and in the future.



The world of work is one which we all must navigate, including people with disabilities. Hear from an experienced advocate who will explain how to simplify the transition process by describing steps to access and receive the individualized services one needs to succeed. Believe in Real jobs and Real wages because they are clearly within your reach!



A recorded webinar from our First Fridays Futures Planning session on Friday December 2, 2016. Social Security: The Application and Appeal Process for SSI presented by Tia Marsili, Director of Trusts, The Arc of Northern Virginia, along with guest Derek Cervoni, Attorney, Cervoni Disability Law, PLLC .
Comprehending the intricate web of public benefits available to people with disabilities is difficult. In this presentation, learn how and when to apply for adult disability (SSI and/or SSDI), what to do if you have to appeal a decision to deny benefits, and how to leverage your benefits once you start receiving them.



This recorded webinar from our November 4th, 2016 First Fridays Futures Planning Session will give you an overview of  Special Needs Trusts and the ABLE Act.



Managing Property in a Special Needs Trust – This recorded webinar is from our First Fridays Futures Planning Session on November 4, 2016. Tia Marsili, Director of Trusts, The Arc of Northern Virginia, and guests, Cindy McDonald, Senior VP, Key Private Bank, Kelly Thompson, Attorney, and Jeannie Cummins, Senior Integrated Community Options Coordinator, FX Co CSB speak about how to handle real estate in a Special Needs Trust.


A Special Needs Trust (SNT) helps families provide for the financial future of their loved one without affecting their eligibility to government benefits.This video will give you an overview of Special Needs Trusts and how a trust can be part of your future plan. (Recorded December 2015)

Legal Authority presented by Cheryl Johnson, Director of Services, for The Arc of Northern Virginia and Loretta Morris Williams, of Hale Ball Carlson Baumgartner Murphy PLC.