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We’ve adapted our processes but we’re not compromising the quality of support and expertise.


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We’re managing trusts and welcoming new clients.
We are answering questions. We are presenting valuable webinars and Trust Talk Tuesdays. We're building strategies, processing payments and everything else that it takes to keep up with our hundreds of active trusts.

This is the perfect time to learn how to secure the long term financial security of your loved one with a disability.
Just get in touch. You can count on us now, and always.


We work with families to plan and safeguard the future for people with disabilities


From "What if?" to "Here's how." Every day, we introduce families to the security of our special needs trust program.

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We're there for our trust clients.
We listen, support and guide them every day.

Learn How to Use Money from a Trust


Our diverse team of trust experts speak various languages to help our families and individuals, including ASL, Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Kirundi,  Spanish (basic), Swahili.

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Come to us for webinars, question-and-answer roundtables, online videos, downloadable resources and referrals to knowledgeable experts.

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$35.5 Million

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What are our clients are saying about us?

KATE, sister of a trust beneficiary Virginia

His siblings and I were panicked.

It is impossible to think of all the future needs of your family member.

And this offers a sense of security for those who support that family member.

ELIZABETH, Attorney Virginia

The greatest strengths of The Arc of Northern Virginia is their experience and their expertise in the special needs arena.

They're not going to make a mistake.

LINDA, mother of a trust beneficiary Virginia

My son is safe.

It's the reliability, it's the validity, it's the loyalty they have. It's the understanding of all individuals with disabilities.

It's the dignity that they want to provide for people later in life.

Get in Touch with Our Team

Photo of Tia Marsili

Tia Marsili
Director of Trusts

703-208-1119, Ext 115

Tia oversees the Trust department and will be your first point of contact for new trusts.

She works with families, individuals, agencies, and attorneys throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. She specializes in educating the community, various organizations, and agencies about comprehensive Futures Planning and Special Needs Trust (SNT) services.

Tia is a professional with over 23 years of experience in the world of disabilities. She's the mother of two daughters with disabilities. She works one-to-one with families and individuals to plan futures and establish SNTs.

She is multi-lingual, well-traveled, and has a passion for creating systems that provide equality.

Read more about Tia Marsili.

Photo of Tia Marsili

Evelyn Gu
Assistant Director

703-208-1119,  Ext 103

Evelyn maintains the systems and documents supporting the SNT program. She offers Trust clients daily on-site and over-the-phone support by providing personal contact with families and individuals, troubleshooting Trust account issues, and processing Trust checks and documentation.

With a background in psychology and business operations from the University of Virginia, Evelyn has worked to support efficient, high-quality service delivery for various clients.

She enjoys helping individuals and families receive the necessary information and tools they need to plan for the best possible future outcomes.

Photo of Trinitas Nsabimana with a white background

Trinitas Nsabimana
Account Manager

703-208-1119, Ext 119

Trini is your point of contact for special needs trust spending requests.

She provides on-site and phone support to clients every day. She works closely with our clients to ensure they have timely and effective access to funds. That helps clients pay for the services they need, such as medical, dental, and vision care, vacations, clothing, furniture, and utility bills.

Trini holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of District of Columbia and has extensive experience working with a variety of clients in different sectors.

Allie Shelby
Dir. of First Impressions

703-208-1119, Ext 101

Allie provides support to the trust team to ensure smooth operations. She schedules appointments, types documents, organizes and hosts trust events, and helps prepare marketing materials for outreach events. She answers the phone and helps keep our clients up-to-date regarding our upcoming information sessions. She also assists with other office tasks to make sure the trust department runs efficiently to meet client needs.

Allie attended the Woodrow Wilson - Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center and got her certification for Administrative Assistant.


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