About Us and Mission

Security and Reliability are our Mission

All families want their loved ones with disabilities to be safe and secure throughout their lives. The Foundation of The Arc of Northern Virginia works with families and people with disabilities to make the future secure.

Our Mission

The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.

We Focus on Reliability
Our mission is make it easy for people with disabilities to have money they can rely on as they grow older. We do that through our special needs trust program. We do that through careful planning and constant learning. We offer services people can afford. And we do it with compassion and understanding.

We Protect Benefits
Our special needs trusts are a way to set aside money for the future so government benefits are not at risk. Government agencies base benefits on the money a person directly controls. Monthly income, savings and assets all must be under low limits.

A special needs trust avoids those limits on money. That's because the trust is not controlled by the person with a disability. The money is controlled by a trustee.

Our Staff are Experts
Our Special Needs Trust team helps keep track of money so benefits stay safe. Our team makes sure payments follow the rules. And whenever rules and laws change, we know about it. We work with people with disabilities and their families every day, every week, year after year. That expertise makes a big difference to our clients.

Count on Our Team
Key Private Bank serves as the trustee and investment manager. The Foundation of the Arc of Northern Virginia serves as trust manager. Our teams work together to make sure the trusts work smoothly and safely for beneficiaries.

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About the Special Needs Trust from The Arc of Northern Virginia

The Arc of Northern Virginia Personal Support Trust is for people in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

We manage all of the special needs trusts. We are experts in finance and disability policy. We know, care for and understand people with disabilities. Serving the community is our mission. That makes us the ideal partner to set up and manage your trust.

Get In Touch. We Can Help.

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Tia Marsili
Director of Trusts


703-208-1119, Ext 115

Tia oversees the Trust department and will be your first point of contact for new trusts. She works one-to-one with families and individuals to plan futures and establish SNTs.

Tia connects with families, individuals, agencies, and attorneys throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. She educates the community, various organizations, and agencies about comprehensive Futures Planning and Special Needs Trust (SNT) services. She is a member of the Fairfax Bar Association.

Tia is a multi-lingual, well-traveled professional with over 23 years of experience in the world of disabilities. She's the mother of two daughters with disabilities and is passionate about creating systems that provide equality.

Reanna Weatherford, Assistant Director of Trusts

Reanna Weatherford
Assistant Director


703-208-1119,  Ext 103

Reanna maintains the systems and documents supporting the SNT program. She offers Trust clients daily on-site and over-the-phone support by providing personal contact with families and individuals, troubleshooting Trust account issues, and processing Trust checks and documentation.

Reanna comes to The Arc of Northern Virginia with over eight years experience in community outreach, youth advocacy, grant management, procurement and partnership development. Originally from Alaska, Reanna has a BAA: Business Administration, Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University. Her most recent internship was at the Partnership for Public Service in Washington DC.

She enjoys helping individuals and families receive the necessary information and tools they need to plan for the best possible future outcomes.

Ashley, Client Manager

Ashley Welch
Client Manager


703-208-1119, Ext 137

Ashley works alongside Tia, focusing one-on-one with families and individuals to establish SNTs and plan for the future. She enjoys helping them navigate disability services to achieve their future goals.

Ashley has over ten years of experience working with individuals with disabilities and their families. She is certified in benefits counseling since 2016. Previously, she worked with an employment and day support services provider where she assisted students transitioning out of the school system. She also oversaw the agency’s independent supported employment program.

Ashley holds a Master’s Degree in Public Anthropology from American University in Washington, DC.

Kevin, Account Manager

Kevin Collins
Account Manager


703-208-1119, Ext 119

In addition to his background in sales and client management, Kevin has previously worked as a paraprofessional in special education at Kennedy Krieger Institute. As Account Manager, he handles disbursements, spending requests, and supports clients with their use of their Special Needs Trust funds.

Kevin says that his experiences have taught him how valuable effective communication techniques are in achieving both group and individual goals.

Kevin studied psychology at Catholic University and has over four years of experience in business management. He enjoys baseball, camping, and cooking with his wife and son.

Fiona, Account Coordinator

Fiona Wright
Account Coordinator


703-208-1119, Ext 136

Fiona works closely with The Arc of Northern Virginia's Account Manager on processes such as Trust disbursements, spending requests and support for clients with their use use of their Special Needs Trust funds.

In addition to her advocacy work, Fiona has over ten years experience working in diverse industry environments such as manufacturing, customer service and development studies.

Fiona earned a Masters of Science degree in Gender and Development Studies from the University of the West Indies. She has a passion for travel and enjoys spending quality time with her husband and three children.

Allie, Director of First Impressions

Allie Shelby
Dir. of First Impressions


703-208-1119, Ext 101

Allie supports the trust team to ensure smooth operations and processes. She schedules appointments, types trust legal documents, organizes and hosts trust workshops, and helps prepare marketing materials for outreach events.

She answers the phone and helps keep our clients updated on our upcoming information sessions. She also assists with other office tasks to make sure the trust department runs efficiently to meet client needs.

Allie attended the Woodrow Wilson - Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center and got her certification for Administrative Assistant.

Rob, Communications Associate

Rob Hudson
Communications Associate


703-208-1119, Ext 120

Rob works directly with each Trust team member with a focus on targeted outreach, social media and marketing support.

He has fourteen years of experience in communications at The University of Texas at Arlington and has also worked in special education for the Fairfax County Public Schools.

Rob’s advocacy on behalf of his daughter, Schuyler, who has a rare disorder called polymicrogyria, has guided his personal philosophy for the past twenty years. He published a memoir about Schuyler with St. Martin’s Press in 2008. Rob has written for a number of publications and has presented, with Schuyler, at numerous disability and assistive technology conferences. Their message is one of hope, and most of all the belief that disability rights are human rights.

About The Foundation

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Foundation Board Members

  • Douglas Church, Jr, Chairperson - Retired, Virginia Heritage Bank
  • Alan Harbitter, Past Chairperson - Harbitter Consulting, LLC
  • Alexander Yellin, Secretary - CNA, Research Analyst
  • Michael Zoskey  - Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor
  • Jouya Rastegar - Attorney at Law
  • Melissa Heifetz - The Arc of Northern Virginia Executive Director

Pro Bono Legal Counsel
Kelly A. Thompson, Thompson Wildhack PLC

The Foundation of The Arc of Northern Virginia oversees our special needs trust program.

The Foundation manages The Arc of Northern Virginia's endowment. Employees of The Arc of Northern Virginia serve as managers of the special needs trust program for beneficiaries and their families. The Director of Trusts reports to the Foundation Board.

Members of the Foundation seek people and organizations that might want to support The Arc.

Our Members of the Foundation board are experts in disability issues and money management. The board meets every month along with KeyBank financial advisors to discuss investment strategies and client relations.

Let's Talk About the Future

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Smiling woman poses in an office

Tia Marsili, Trust Director