Real Estate in SNT

Our Trustee, KeyBank, can hold real estate in a special needs trust (SNT).

Trust real estate holdings are major assets that require specialized expertise. KeyBank Trust Real Estate Officers are skilled in managing the numerous professional resources essential to the overall investment performance. From lease negotiation to long-term strategy, our mission is to manage our clients’ property to realize its maximum potential.

KeyBank offers property management to its clients as both a solution and convenience:

  • Can eliminate need for probate and out-of-state ancillary administration
  • No interruption in management in the event of death, incapacity or other unseen circumstances
  • Free up your personal time and relieve stress
  • Professional property management
  • Access to comprehensive Master Insurance Policy providing flood, earthquake, and vacancy coverage
  • KeyBank team management puts synergies to work for you to manage both real property and other portfolio assets

KeyBank real estate officers are experienced and capable of managing a wide array of real estate assets:

  • Commercial
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Agricultural
  • Mineral

KeyBank offers its property management services throughout the country:

  • Timely payment of utilities, property taxes, insurance, and real estate-related expenses
  • Client communication, accounting, and record-keeping
  • Oversee repairs, renovations, and capital improvements
  • Rent collection, lease enforcement, and adherence to property obligations
  • Facilitate purchase, sale, and leasing of real estate

As a national bank, KeyBank is uniquely qualified to provide property management services:

  • Adherence to fiduciary standards of care
  • Comprehensive due diligence process for vendor selection and payment
  • Structured, disciplined decision-making
  • Oversight of activities by both internal and external examiners
  • Formal annual property review procedure
  • Real estate officers undertake ongoing internal and external training and education

KeyBank has offered real estate solutions to its clients for decades. We currently have nine full-time real estate officers. Our property professionals are located in six regional offices from coast to coast. Our average real estate officer has more than 28 years of trust banking experience and almost 20 years of property management experience.

Credentials of incumbent real estate officers include the following:

  • Certified Property Manager (CPM), Institute of Real Estate Management
  • Professional Landman, American Association of Professional Landmen
  • Licensed real estate brokers—various states

Please check here for Real Estate Services Fee Schedule.