3 thoughts on “In-Person Meetings

  1. I want to discuss (possibly today 2/8/17) setting up a trust for my son who is disabled and for my mother who over 65. My cell is 571-278-5818 and email is ssharma897@aol.com

    Suman Sharma

  2. Recently, my father passed away and in his will he gave instructions and funded a special needs trust for my daughter. As trustee of this trust, I want to make sure the terms are proper (a lawyer in FL wrote it in the will), understand the tax reporting requirements and how to pay bills out of the trust for qualified expenses. May I review & ask questions to someone on your staff? Your 2/3 presentation on trusts was very beneficial. thank you!

  3. Thank you for the compliment! My recommendation is that you contact an attorney to review the Will and Trust and a CPA to discuss tax reporting. I can address what is allowable disbursement-wise. We also have a very good recorded presentation on our website that addresses the topic.

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